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Weekend Whatsapp Status in Hindi – If are you searching for Weekend Status in Hindi. You are on the right place. Here you can find it out latest collection of Weekend Status in hindi. All these status you can put into the whatsapp status, facebook status or twitter status. More and more people are searching for status and it’s one latest quotes, status for all status.

Latest Collection of Weekend Status in Hindi

Following are latest collection of status in hindi. For more status stay tuned with us for all latest status, quotes in hindi.

  • Dear weekend, I can’t wait to see you again.
  • हर नियामत हर ख़ुशी आपकी हो,
    महक उठे वो महफ़िल जिसमें हंसी आपकी हो,
    कोई भी लम्हा आप उदास न हो,
    खुद करे ज़न्नत जैसी ज़िन्दगी आपकी हो.आपका वीकेंड खुशियों से भरपूर रहे
  • दुकानें उसकी भी लुट जाती है अक्सर हमने देखा है…! . जो दिन भर में न जाने कितने ताले बेच देता है…!!
  • Kisi ne sach kaha haiZindagi 2 din ki hai..Saturday & Sunday..!!
  • Dear Weekend, I always want to be with you. Please don’t let weekdays take you away from me.
  • May your weekend be full of adventure and cheer,
    and may the start of next week be a long ways from here.
    Have a Happy Weekend.. 🙂
  • Dear Weekend, stay here with me forever.
  • Teacher: You had all weekend to do you homework! Me: Uhm, sorry but I have a life…
  • If people start hating you….because they are jealous of you…then just raise a …toast to your awesomeness..!!HapPy WeeKenD..!!
  • The past of ice is water and the future of ice is also.
    So let’s live life like an ice, no worries for past or future!
    Have a nice weekend!
  • The weekend is upon us,
    and I think we should all take time
    to do the things we love and be
    around our most cherished family and friends!
    Happy Weekend
  • I just want to have a weekend without worrying about my homework, studying, and school.
  • Kisi Danishwar Ne Sach Kaha Hy K,
    Zindagi Do Din Ki Hy…!
    Saturday and Sunday
    Baqi Din To Banda Zaleel Hota Hy.
  • Nothing to say
    Nothing to write
    Nothing to send
    But I believe that you’ll listen, read and reciprocate my feelings even in your silence.
    Have a happy weekend, my dear friend!
  • My neighbor’s are going out of town for the weekend so I finally have the house to myself.
  • Kandy is wishing everyone an egg-stra special Easter weekend..
  • It’s Sunday! Before the weekend ends, I want to follow some of you. RT if you wanna be followed back! Watch out for my next status.
  • *apka “MUSKURANA” har roz ho,
    Kabhi chehra “KAMAL” to kabhi “ROSE” ho,
    100 pal “KHUSHI” 1000 pal “MAUJ” ho,
    Bas aisa hi din apka har “ROZ” ho.
    Happy Weekend
  • I’m a teenager. I don’t smoke, drink, or party every weekend. I don’t sleep around or start drama for attention. Yes, we do still exist.
  • I dont make enough money to go on vacation, so I’m just going to get drunk this weekenduntil I dont know where I am.
  • The weekend is upon us,
    and I think we should all take time
    to do the things we love and be
    around our most cherished family and friends!
    Happy Weekend…
  • “The plan for Friday can be extended to Saturday and then to Sunday. For sure we will get to Monday upset because of the hangover, but then there’s next weekend. Happy weekend.”
  • Weekend homework = Homework done last minute on sunday night before I go to bed.
  • One day Monday went toTuesday
    to see Wednesday and ask
    Thursday wheather Frday has told
    Saturday that SundaY is a FUN day….
    Good morning… Happy weekend
  • Stay Committed To Your Decisions,
    But Stay Flexible In Your Approach.
    Have a Nice Weekend
  • Always
    learn the
    wisdom of
    Its better
    to bend
    than to
    break any
    relation forever.
    Stay In Touch.
    Good morning have a nice weekend
  • Marvellous Monday,
    Tasty Tuesday,
    Wonderful Wednesday
    Thankful Thursday
    Friendly Friday,
    Successful Saturday,
    Sweetest Sunday.Happy Weekend
  • Whatever is warm & inspiring,
    whatever means most to you,
    whatever makes you smile &
    brings you joy that’s
    what I wish for U!
    Have a great Weekend.
  • Waking up for school :(-_-) .. Waking up on a weekend: ( ‘o’ )/

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