Sick Whatsapp Status in Hindi

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Sick Status in Hindi – All those who feel tired and become sick because of so many work or atmosphere then you are at right place. Today we are going to share with you best collection of sick status in hindi, Sick Whatsapp Status in Hindi, sick sms in hindi. Illness comes from two things one is from bad weather or other one is tired of doing so many work. So, if you feel sick or ill and want to put wonderful status in your whatsapp. We are going to share very nice status in hindi. Check More Status – Friendship Quotes in Hindi Motivational Quotes in Hindi

Sick Whatsapp Status in Hindi

Latest Sick Whatsapp Status in Hindi

Put this as a whatsapp status. Following are best collection of hindi status.

  • I’m tired and sick of being the one who cheers up people when they’re sad… because when I’m the one in need of someone, nobody is there to make me feel better.
  • Those days when I feel sick, but I’m not really sick, just sad.
  • Those days when I feel sick, but I’m not really sick, just sad.
  • my status is. ….I m sick and nothing .so I m going to take rest and u too take
  • May the little flowers lying in gloom,
    Rise and bloom, swaying endlessly,
    this way and that way,
    morn to dusk everyday, Get well soon.
  • Get well quick, u lazy bum, There’s lots of work to do. If u stay sick, it’s more work for me, And I’d rather it was for u.
  • Life is fast nd life is slow
    Bt it is priceless,
    Give it a9ther go.
    Get Well Soon!!
  • Be the sky above U,
    Blue-soft be the road below U,
    Affection be the breeze around U,
    I pray all the best and happiness surrounds U.
    Wishing you all the best,
    Get Well Soon.
  • The trickiest tongue twister in the English is apparently “Sixth sick sheik’s sixth sheep’s sick”.
  • Our health always seems much more valuable after we lose it.
  • Being sick is your bodies way of saying
  • HATING is an emotional disease… so for those who hate me… Hope you get well soon..
  • If you ever get caught sleeping on the job… slowly raise your head and say, “In Jesus name, amen,”
  • It’s amazing how much I can get done in the hour and a half before I’m expecting someone over.
  • I’m either sick or pretending to be so I don’t have to talk.
  • I very well know the reason,
    why u r taking too long to recover,
    u r realy being nurse-d there.
    joke a part, but still,
    wishing u speedy recovery
  • The feeling of being sick, but you’re not really sick. You’re just sad, upset, unhappy. You just feel like laying in bed all day.
  • You know when you feel like u got a bad life,think of those people who don’t have a home,a family,or sick. Then how do you feel?
  • Worrying about getting sick can make you sick.
  • Instead of calling in sick, call in well. Tell them how great you feel not having to go to work today.
  • I’m the opposite of home sick, I’m sick of being home.
  • Heard that you”re not feeling well.
    So brought flowers for you to
    make you feel Healthier and Happier.
    Get Well Soon!
  • I know being sick is awful.
    So here I am to cheer you up and
    put some smile on your face.
    Please take care and get well soon.

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Above are the latest feeling Sick Whatsapp Status in Hindi, sick status, get well soon status for all those who are ill. If you want to put as a facebook status, twitter tweet or whatsapp status you can easily put as a status.

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