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Shopping Status in Hindi, English – All girls, boys want to go for shopping and want to put best shopping status in their whatsapp. Here you can check it out awesome collection of Shopping Status in hindi, Shopping Quotes in Hindi. Shopping SMS in Hindi.

Latest Shopping Whatsapp Status

  • My motto in life, “Shopping is cheaper than a Psychiatrist!”
  • If a girl is shopping she’s trendy, if boy is shopping he’s wasting money.
  • Woh kaunsi Situation Hai,
    Jisme mard 15 minute me thak jata hai,Aur aurat chahti hai ki wo karta rahe?????SHOPPING..

    Mgwr Aapki soch ko Salam!

  • लड़का – डार्लिंग तुम कहाँ थी ,मैं कल से तुम्हारा फ़ोन लगा रहा हूँ ,लड़की – सॉरी बेबी ,
    मैं फ्रेंड के साथ मॉल में गयी थी ,
    बहुत सारा सामान ख़रीदा ,लड़का – वाओ , क्या क्या लिया ?लड़की – ज्यादा कुछ नहीं ,
    बस 2 ब्रेसलेट ,
    1 रुमाल ,
    और 300 सेल्फ़ी :) :)
  • पति: कहाँ गायब थी 4 घंटे से?बीवी: मॉल में गयी थी, शॉपिंग करने.पति: क्या क्या लिया?बीवी: एक हेयर बैंड और 45 selfies.
  • Meeting men at bars is like window shopping. You’re looking at fancy clothes on a bunch of dummies.
  • Shopping is so fun I could do it all year.
  • You haven’t felt pain unless you’ve gotten a shopping cart’s wheel hit at the back of your heal.
  • I wish I could have unlimited money for shopping.
  • Life really is all down-hill once you get to big too ride in the shopping cart anymore isnt it??
  • Money doesn’t bring happiness, but shopping does 🙂
  • Dear fridge, I’ll be back soon. Please go shopping. Sincerely, hungry
  • How do homeless people always seem to get the shopping cart that has all four good wheels?

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